Frequently Asked Questions

How Does The Heatless Hair Curler Work?

  • Use slightly damp hair or lightly mist dry hair with water or your favorite leave in spray.
  • Secure the hair rod to the top of your head with the claw clip.
  • Begin wrapping your hair around the rod tightly on each side of your head (see video).
  • Once finished wrapping, secure the bottom of hair with the provided scrunchies. Then get some beauty sleep!
  • In the morning or after a few hours, lightly remove the rods and walk away with a bounce in your step and in your hair!

How Do I Get Different Curl Sizes?

Our curling rod comes in the width of 1" and is 36 inches long to accommodate short to long hair.

Are Heatless Curlers Comfortable To Sleep In?

1000x YES! Our curlers are made with silk and filled with soft polyester fibres. Visit our How To Use page to see different application methods.

How Do I Wash The Heatless Curler Kit?

Hand-wash gently with warm water. Hang dry to keep shape and quality!

Can I Return My Item?

Our team prides itself on quality packing and care when shipping off our items. If you're package comes damaged return it for a full-refund or exchange for a new Plushsilks Heatless Curler Kit.

Return policy qualifies up to 30-days after purchase. If your request a return on day 30, before 11:59pm ET, your return can still be processed.