Why Choose Plush?

100% Mulberry Silk

Our The Heatless Hair Curler ™ is a heatless solution that is made of 100% Mulberry 19 Momme, Grade 6A Silk, that is gentle on hair and locks in moisture.

36" Inch Plush Rod

No matter your hair length, texture, or style you can use Plushsilks Heatless Curler with the right application method. Our curling rods are comfortable to sleep in due to the carefully tested soft cushioning.

Damage-Free Results

Our Mulberry Silk Rods protect your hair against breakage, keeps hair hydrated and smooth, & reduces frizziness and split ends. Wake up with voluminous curls and cut your get ready time in half!

  • This Feels More High Quality Than It Looks

    "The Plushsilks curler feels high quality and is soft and silky. As soon as I wake up, I take it out of my hair and I have the most bouncy curls! 2 mins fluffing my curls and I'm good to go! This heatless hair curler makes my morning routine simplier!" - Sam S.

  • This Reversed My Damaged Hair

    "Over the years my hair has been damaged by curling irons so I was looking for a heatless option. Plushsilks heatless hair curler curls my hair so beautifully. I'm glad I have a safe method to curl my hair." - Karla B.

  • I Didn't Think It Would Work

    "I was a bit skeptical at first, and it took me a minute to adjust so I am grateful it came with instructions. I'm honestly happy with the results. My curls lasted me a few days too!" - Alexis D.

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How To Use Our Heatless Curler

original method

Step One

  • Lightly mist hair or apply a hair moisturizing cream.
  • Place the rod at the top of your head and attach our hair clip from your Plush Kit to lightly secure the rod into place.
  • Pro Tip: If you have silky hair apply a little bit of dry shampoo onto dry hair in your roots section!

original method

Step Two

Wrap sections of hair around the curling rod and secure with scrunches. Take smaller sections for tighter curls or larger sections for wavy, less defined curls.

original method

Step Three

Almost done!

  • Sleep in your curls or wait 2 to 4 hours relaxing to reveal your healthy and bouncy curls! 
  • Set them with hairspray or your fave texturizing spray!